Egyptian hookah shisha There are so many different names for this unique smoking device. Some call it a hookah, hooka ,huka, sheesha , nargile, narghile, shisha, shesha, sheesha, nargila, hubbly bubbly , water pipes or shishah. The HOOKAH (NARGILE as it is known in the Middle East) has been the standard of smoking for centuries in the middle east and Arab countries we export egyptian shisha , import wholesale prices buy Egyptian hookah online, import shisha direct from egypt, we sell export shisha filter, hookah filter prohibit smoking hazard stop nicotine, wholesale, shisha shops, hookah store are welcome shisha accessories nargile, filter shisha & cigarettes made in Egypt, water pipe supplier tobacco
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Egyptian Tea - Egyptian Herbs

Egyptian herbal tea, Hibiscus, black tea, Anice, Carob tree, Fenugreek seeds tea, Bedouin tea, Doum, Rosmary,

We are direct exporter of the finest Egyptian shisha and hookah accessories .

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one filter can be used for 15 water pipe tobacco , or 10 packs of cigarettes.

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There are so many different names for this unique smoking device. Some call it a , hooka ,huka, sheesha , nargile, narghile, hookah, shesha, shishas, chicha sheesha, nargila, Hubble bubbly , smoking water pipes or hookah. The  (narghile as it is known in the Middle East) has been the standard of smoking for centuries in the middle east and Arab countries.
herbs Egyptian
 black tea, Chamomile, Fenugreek Seeds, helba
Karkade, Hibiscus, Sabdariffa,
Carob tree
Doum, herbal tea, Anise, aniseed, Egyptian
Herbs supplier, hookah
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