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Ancient Egyptians were highly skilled with herbs, They have been used in ancient Egypt in many different ways and forms like in food, as a medicine, in cosmetics and in fragrances. These herbs were used as a whole, leaves, stems, roots or seeds or in special preparations.
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Hibiscus sabdariffa
Its common name is Roselle and the arabic name is Karkada, karkady or Karkade , Hibiscus is grown in China, Thailand, Mexico and Africa, principally Sudan, Senegal and Mali and Egypt (Aswan). Hibiscus is The Red Tea of Egypt.
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, Hibiscus, Anise, aniseed, Carob tree, Fenugreek seeds tea, Bedouin tea, Doum, Rosmary
, chamomile, hibiscus petals, Bedouin tea,

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