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Egyptian Shisha Tobacco, Egyptian Hookah Tobacco flavors
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Egyptian-hookah. COM Supply all kind of tobacco flavors and different tobacco brands like El- hennawy  since 1933 , prince molasses.

Available Tobacco flavors :
Apples Tobacco flavor, Cherry shisha Tobacco flavor, Sweet Melon Tobacco flavor, Orange Tobacco flavor, Mango Tobacco flavor, Grapes Tobacco flavor, Licorice Tobacco , Chocolate Tobacco flavor, Caramel  hookah Tobacco flavor, Cappuccino Tobacco flavor, Lemon Tobacco flavor, Arabian Coffee Tobacco flavor, Tangerine Tobacco flavors, Pistachio Tobacco flavor, Pineapple Tobacco flavor, Coconut narghile Tobacco flavor, Vanilla hookah Tobacco , Cola Tobacco , Rose Tobacco flavor, Banana Tobacco flavor, Peach Tobacco flavor, Cocktail Tobacco flavor, Apricot Tobacco flavor, Mint Tobacco, Strawberry Tobacco.

Egyptian Hookah Tobacco

Egyptian Hookah Tobacco distributors and  shisha tobacco wholesalers

Egyptian-hookah. COM  is Egyptian tobacco distributors in Egypt , Egyptian Tobacco wholesalers.
Tobacco common name in Egypt is Massell (Molasses) .
The tobacco is used in smoking the shisha (Nargila, Argila, Boury and Gouza). It is a blend of international tobacco leaves. This blend gives a special flavor and taste with the additives of molasses extracted from sugarcane and other additives. The Authorities of Measurement Standards have decided on those additives, so that it will be adequate for smoking.

The usage of Tobacco in Egypt was introduced with the Ottoman's occupation by the beginning of the 19th century. The idea was initiated from the Ottoman's vision whilst smoking the shisha they brought in with them from Turkey. They used to smoke what was called " Tombak" a kind of tobacco planted in Turkey and Iran and where its preparation does not include and technical process (craft) and its quality depends on the kind of tobacco used.

By that time the Egyptians became very clever in manufacturing the shisha and tobacco and export to Arab countries and Europe and USA and all over the world.

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