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Large Egyptian hookah

#Nefirtiti A
Large Egyptian shisha

Boury stainless hookah
Rotator shisha

Large Egyptian shisha
Boury rotator hookah
Egyptian multiple hose hookah
Large Egyptian hookah

large Egyptian hookah
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large Egyptian hookah
#Sphinx B
Egyptian hookah

An ancient water pipe of many names - Shisha, Hookah, Nargila, Hubbly Bubbly to name a few.
Shisha pipes have been used for centuries in the Middle East to smoke away the stresses of the day, whilst relaxing in the conversation and company of family and friends.
A gentler alternative to other forms of smoking, we have a selection of hand made Quality pipes, Flavoured Shisha Tobacco and Accessories as well as all the information you need to partake and enjoy this unique social experience in the comfort of your home.


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