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Ancient Egyptians were highly skilled with herbs, They have been used in ancient Egypt in many different ways and forms like in food, as a medicine, in cosmetics and in fragrances. These herbs were used as a whole, leaves, stems, roots or seeds or in special preparations.
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Egyptian Black Tea
we supply Fine soft Tea , Tea Bags , Broken Pekoe Tea, Original Green Tea, Flavored Green Tea to hotels , herbals shops , restaurants,  hookah shops and hookah bars.
try our black tea with mint , with milk , with lemon or with ice .
- Black Tea Uses                 - Black Tea Recipe Cooking Tips

Hibiscus sabdariffa
Its common name is Roselle and the arabic name is Karkada, karkady or Karkade , Hibiscus is grown in China, Thailand, Mexico and Africa, principally Sudan, Senegal and Mali and Egypt (Aswan). Hibiscus is The Red Tea of Egypt.
- Hibiscus Uses                 - Hibiscus Recipe Cooking Tips

Its common name is fenugreek or Greek hay seed or birdís foot. Its botanical name is Trigonella foenum-graecum. Its arabic name is Hilba, hilbeh. The parts used are mostly the seeds.
- Fenugreek Uses                 - Fenugreek Recipe Cooking Tips

The doum palm is native to the Nile region in Africa.its famous name is Doum palm, Lala palm, Ilala palm, Southern lala palm. founded in Ancient Egyptian Gardens
- Doum Uses                 - Doum Palm Recipe Cooking Tips

Carob Tree
its common name in Arabic is "kharoub" , Common Names are St. Johnís Bread, Locust Bean, Locust Pods, Sugar Pods.
In ancient Egypt, carob pods were combined with porridge, honey, and wax as a remedy for diarrhea. It was also featured in recipes for expelling worms and in the treatment of poor eyesight and eye infections.
- Carob Tree                - Carob Tree Recipe Cooking Tips

This sweet smelling,sweet tasting annual is grown for its licorice flavoured seeds and leaves.Use the aromatic seeds ,which are a rich source of phosphorus,in potpourri and sachet blends.
- Anise Uses               - Anise Recipe Cooking Tips


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